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[Episode Summary] Queen Seon Deok (善德女王/ 선덕여왕) - Ep.5

[Storyline] Queen Seon Deok Episode 5.
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Bone Rank system of Silla

There is a lot in mentioned of these blood line standard differences Seonggol & Jingol. The Korean kingdom of Silla (BC57- AD935), this ancient kingdom uses this aristocratic bone rank system (Golpumjedo) to segregate caste system in their society, particularly the layers hierarchy of the aristocracy. The west will be used the similar royal blood line (sang real), same meaning different parts of the anatomy. The bone rank system determined the basis of their hereditary proximity to succession of the throne and their level of its authority. Strictly hereditary, the bone rank system created and sustained this caste system. The bone rank may have been adopted as part of the administrative law introduced from China and promulgated by King Beopheung (reign 514-540, Uncle to king Jinheung) in 520. That merely reinforced a society already segregated by bloodline and lineage. Although only two (Seonggol & Jingol) of the five known ranks referred to literally to as “bone” (Gol), the term “bone rank” has become widely used to describe the whole system.
Seonggol or literally the “sacred bone,”, sometimes termed “hallowed bone,” constituted the highest level of the bone rank and applied only of a portion of the royal Kim family clan (who rules Silla since 356 under King Nameul), possibly those considered to have royal blood on both sides of the parent. You may find there is high percentage of close kin marrying each other. It was not until the reign of King Tae Jong Muyeol (son of Kim Yong Su & Princess Cheon Myeong) that is was abolished the rank system rank to make path to his right to ascension to the throne in 654, prior to him it was said only those holding the rank of Seonggol could succeed the throne. This rule applied will led to the crowning of Queen Seon Deok in 632 as sovereign & she succeeded by another Queen Jin Deok in 647, because there was no apparent males heir of the Seonggol (as we are been told in the drama there was a prophesy by the founder of Silla) to succeed the throne. That situation led to the subsequent abolition of bone rank as obsolete
Jingol comes below the rank Seonggol literally “true bone,” which included the rest of the Kim royal family, as well as the Bak and Seok families of Gyeongju, in the early years of the Kingdom was leadership rotating system among the three strongest clans, Bak, Seok, and Kim which had held the throne & were constantly involved in most royal marriages, also as well as another Kim Kim Hae; the royal clan lineage descended from the royal house of Geum Gwan Gaya or the Gaya Confederacy annexed by Silla in AD 562. Members of the true bone could hold any official position, up to the level of full minister. They could also attain office rank up to the highest, Ibolchan but Minister in this drama are called Dae Heung. After King Muyeol abolished the Seonggol rank, only those holding the Jingol bone rank could become king. The debates will assures in the drama that if there is no Seonggol left in the Royal House then the job application for the throne will open up to the Jingol. This is what Mi Shil will be hoping for since she is in this class but it will not be until the time of King Muyeol

Queen Seon Deok Episode 5

Taklamakan Desert Sand dunes-Dry quicksand

So Hwa is sinking fast into the quicksand. Deok Man decided with the rope around her mother as Deok Man desperately pull her mother up & tells So Hwa that she will save her, but Deok Man struggling is also slipping into the sand. Then So Hwa thinking it is futile to save her, throw up her package, then takes King Jinheung’s dagger to cut the rope away to release her & thus may save Deok Man from being pulls in. Deok Man plead So Hwa to stop & tell that she will save her mother at all cost. So Hwa asked Deok Man to run away as So Hwa cuts the rope. So Hwa said that she had burdened her long enough & this spell the end for her then advice Deok Man at all cost she must survive & must flee from here immediately. Chil Sook comes from the horizon, So Hwa & Deok Man is shock & panic to see him Soo Hwa scream for her to run away while Deok man shouts at her mother not to cut the rope as he approaches them. Soo Hwa finally cut lost the rope but before she was pull in, she threw the dagger at Deok Man. Deok Man sees So Hwa sink into the sand & disappear. Chil Sook managed to catch her as Deok man wants to jump into the quicksand as well & trying to restraint her then Chil Sook suddenly looks up, the desert sand storm is approaching, stunned at the massive speed of the velocity it was coming, they eventually get cover by the sand storm

The sandstorm, looks like CG from movie The Mummy

After the sand storm subsided, Deok Man desperately & frantically looks & shouts for her mother in the desert like a lost child in a mall. After a while looking with falls & tumbles Deok Man found conveniently their travelling belonging & the best that the King Jinheung’s dagger is jab on the sand surface of the desert. Then notice the rope & decided to dig through the sand as she retrieve the rope but only to find the cut end of it, then carrying on digging in futile until nightfall when she was exhausted when Cartan & other merchant came to the desert to look for her then finds her miraculously. Cartan runs to her by now she has lose consciousness as Cartan call out to her

Kim Yong Su having a fierce battle as he slays the enemies & engage with a one to one arm combat with the opposite General. It will be likely be Baekje. The Baekje General tries to shot an arrow but the shot didn’t cause mortal harm to Kim Yong Su as Kim Yong Su goes one on one & brought the horse down that the Baekje General was riding but then both of them stab each other to death as Kim Yong Su falls. Princess Cheon Myeong wakes up in cold sweat. It was a premonition nightmare

I will not give the caption for the characters who had been repeated, will only do those that is 1st time appearing. Cheon Myeong then finds that her husband is not on her bed side. She gets down & goes to look for her husband, but Kim Yong Su is call out to his wife, he was in his study

Kim Yong Su, Lord Yong Su King Jinpyeong’s cousin, Cheong Myeong’s husband. I will give what is in the caption it is written as the historical fact may contradict otherwise. Technically if he is King Jinji’s son & King Jinji is King Jinpyeong’s uncle, then makes Kim Yong Su the uncle to Cheon Myeong. But in Korean especially in the strong Buddhist country like Silla; later Guryeo; royals intermarrying between close kin is seen as preserving the purity of their royal blood. There is why blood ties are so important like the standards like a caste system between Seonggol & Jingol. This is called the bone rank system or “Golpumjedo”

Kim Yong Su sees a very anxious wife running toward him & asked if she has sleep well, obviously with her bursting of cold sweat, you wouldn’t think so. He asked her to sit down to calm herself down. Kim Yong Su finds that his wife is sweating profusely & helps wipe her sweat off with his handkerchief & what is troubling her. Cheon Myeong recalls that if she should be reckon whatever may against Mi Shil’s powers in contend that Mi Shil will dare to strike at her without mercy to preserve her power, & will she like to see that fury of consequences laid before her. Kim Yong Su asked her what was the nightmare all about that she got so frightened. Cheon Myeong said it is not the nightmare that she is frightened, but the fear for the reality that it is to come. Cheon Myeong is afraid that the uphill battle of odds that Kim Yong Su might face & pleas with her husband to announce his intention to King Jinpyeong that he will not do so. Cheon Myeong said that her 3 younger brothers Princes who have now wander to the netherworld; it is possibility of just mere chance of occurrences. If it is so then she will insist & believe that heaven has bestowed favoured on Mi Shil & futile to resist. Cheon Myeong said that she may be young Princess but yet she will accept the fact & the fate. Cheon Myeong may be seen younger since King Jinpyeong is 15 years younger than Mi Shil. There is a saying that old age will falter. I suppose that King Jinpyeong is counting that he has age advantage on his side, I assume he is waiting for Mi Shil to kick the bucket before he can resume full authority

Cheon Myeong sense uneasy, that she willing demoted & relinquished (Juk Kang) her ranking for that purpose so she can be at peace living her life with the man she love, that is always what a woman wanted as husband & wife. Cheon Myeong always thought that Kim Yong Su has the same concurs ideas as her. Kim Yong Su said he concurs but Cheon Myeong asked why he insists to accept the investiture of the heir apparent. Kim Yong Su said that King Jinpyeong is fighting this alone & having a hard time, he just wanted to do his part to rally support behind King Jinpyeong. Cheon Myeong pleas that this investiture is not mean for people with a kind & gentle soul. (Yes one must be scheming & manipulating to stand in power). Kim Yong Su insists it is his honourable duty to stand by King Jinpyeong in support. But Cheon Myeong is selfishly asked why must her husband takes up the flag to rally this frightful venture as she is overcome by her fear of her nightmare. Suddenly the palace maid barges in to said that the Hwa Rang is acting suspiciously weird outside their palace

Cheon Myeong comes out to confront the Hwa Rang who had gather in numbers. She asked why the Hwa Rang before her have their faces in “Nang Jang” (Painted faces for suicide mission) & asked what they are here to pledge their life for a cause. Princess Cheon Myeong was to know their intention. Then Hojae speaks up (Jingol Hwa Rang, current Pungwolju Lord of Hwa Rang Training & Customs). They are here after hearing that King Jinpyeong wants to name Kim Yong Su as heir apparent. Cheon Myeong said it is none of their concern as it is palace affairs. But Bo Jong (Mi Shil & Seol Won Rang’s off spring, Vice Captain of Hwa Rang). They will like to submit their grievances petition on their protest on the matter in the name of the Hwa Rang legacy

Then Kim Yong Su gets battering from the Council of Nobles over debates of his qualification as Crown Prince. The Minister said that Kim Yong Su had been deprive from his royal blood line been demoted to the status as Jingol. This is seen unconscionable. Eul Jae tells how bleak the Seonggol blood line is now at its present status where heavens have summoned the Seonggol heirs to their eternal rest, it is not healthy for the Silla overall, said that the throne doesn’t seems to have any sight of producing heir & the issue can’t be left unattended & not advisable, so the next will have to seek the ones of Jingol blood. This will be like e.g. if all the descendants Queen Elizabeth II is unavailable to be succeed her throne that the next will be the Duke of Gloucester which is her Cousin. Mi Saeng harasses that the fact that Kim Yong Su had been disqualify his lineage of succession & will not be seen inappropriate. Ha Jong (Mi Shil & Se Jong’s off spring) then bangs on the table like gangster to reiterate that that he is the son of the depose King Jinji. Mi Saeng embarrass by his air head nephew. Mi Saeng said to excuse his insolent inquiry what merits accomplishment does Kim Yong Su have to showed the court that he is capable that he is not aware of but if Kim Yong Su has the time to whisper into his ears. Ha Jong jeering & laughing but was reprimand by Se Jong. Se Jong said that Kim Yong Su doesn’t have any merits accomplishment to his status how is he going to become the Crown prince, Mi Saeng added that Kim Yong Su as he is a son of a dethrone King; has demoted from his royal lineage & in addition no experience to show his ability & still wants the Council to consent his investiture then to obey him as sovereign to rage war with other nations. Mi Saeng said why should they & how are they supposed to. Ha Jong asked that Kim Yong Su step down from his investiture. Then other Nobles voice in concur that he step down his intention as Crown Prince as they seen as inadmissible in recognition

Kim Yong Su said they are correct that he doesn’t question their disgruntle views on his qualifications. Kim Yong Su said that indeed lack any bestowal accomplishment to be reckon that the Minister will not accept his as the next sovereign, so how can he be qualify to ascend the throne. Se Jong is taken by surprise. Mi Saeng thinks that Kim Yong Su had finally come to his sense that ashamed to take the throne due to his lacking. Kim Yong Su then drop at them since he doesn’t have any bestowal therefore he will go & achieves these accolades & will justify his stand for that investiture. Mi Saeng stops laughing. Kim Yong Su will personally takes & lead the army to battle for the expedition to retake Mo San Fortress under their command

Mo San Fortress is in present Namwon, North Jeolla province (Jeollabuk do) was conquered by Baekje general Baek Gi in year 616. Namwon City is famous for their folk tale of Chunhyang & Lee Mong Ryong. There is also famous battle that occurred in the Siege of Namwon in the Imjin War (1592-1598). This was lead by the Japanese Daimyo of Bizen & Mimasaka (modern Okayama prefecture), Ukita Hideie. He married the famous daughter of Maeda Toshiie, Go Hime, who also was the adopted daughter & well love by Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Eul Jae warns Kim Yong Su whatever he speaks at the council of Nobles (Hwa Baek)will be deem as a vouched as oath to his word & can’t be taken lightly if violated or empty promises that he has to resume responsibility to realise this word of what he says at the council. Kim Yong Su said so be it as he will be responsible for his words taken here, he will go to battle for the expedition. Se Jong & the rest are shocked that Kim Yong Su would have taken a drastic stand & left them in utters

Meanwhile Kim Yong Chu (King Jinpyeong’s cousin, younger brother to Kim Yong Su, historical records showed that King Muyeol’s father is Kim Yong Chu) demands an explanation from the Hwa Rang on their Nang Jang action to their insubordination in confrontation as they dare voice their grievances of the decision that the king had made. Ho Jae said that their Hwa Rang principles of guiding ethos are bestowal from former Silla rulers, Bo Jong said that whatever the King’s wishes may be, he will not acknowledge or approve to this matter because of their set principal & guiding ethos that dictates them. They look brainwash like that Youth Guards of old Communist regime

Hwa Rang Guiding ethos composed replied by composing the Five Commandments for Secular Life. Loyalty to the monarch; filial piety to parents & teacher; amicability among friends; no retreat in war & aversion to unnecessary killing without cause. The Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms (Samguk Yusa) also records that Hwa Rang members learned the Five Cardinal Confucian Virtues, the Six Arts, the Three Scholarly Occupations, and the Six Ways of Government Service

Kim Yong Chu asked whether the King’s need Hwa Rang’s acknowledgement & approval for him to make decision of his heir apparent. Mi Shil tells the hot blooded Haw Rang that the by doing “Nang Jang” that entailed them to pledge their life on a cause is worth of such a sacrifice. Seol Won Rang said that he laud their intentions but the matter is none for them to be concern about. Bo Jong asked whether a man without virtues or even the blood line will able to lead the country or Hwa Rang who will devote their life in serving their sovereign loyally. What will happened to a Sovereign if Hwa Rang should abandoned their sovereign

Mi Shil looks at them how naive are the present Hwa Rang thinks that the King needs to seek Hwa Rang’s mandate to be King. Bo Jong said that if he wants to rule this nation, he should first have merits before becoming Crown Prince. Mi Saeng comes in & tells him that the merit he will have soon have as he says. Mi Shil asked what does he meant with his remark. Mi Saeng informs that Kim Yong Su has said that he will lead an army to battle on an expedition to regain Mo San Fortress. Mi Shil, Seol Won Rang & especially Kim Yong Chu is surprise. Kim Yong Chu tells Mi Saeng that this can’t be happening & is out of the question. Mi Saeng asked Kim Yong Chu to speak to his own brother instead of venting his flair temper at him.

Mi Saeng (Jeong Woong In) is the court jester for this drama in addition he has a sidekick to the comic relief in his nephew Ha Jong

Kim Yong Chu goes to look for his elder brother about his intention to go to battle & dissuade him. Kim Yong Su has spoke his intention at the council & will fulfil that obligation. A Crown Prince who doesn’t have the loyalty of the Hwa Rang can aspire to be the Sovereign. Kim Yong Chu said that this expedition involves Mo san Fortress, does he know how difficult it is to retake in that place. Ha Jong shouts that he too will go to battle since Kim Yong Su can’t go & gain merits. Mi Saeng putting his finger to his ear to reduce the deafening effect of his nephew’s octave voice asked his nephew to calm down as they gather & digest what has happened. Ha Jong said that his Uncle looks down on him. I must say that they really have the patience to tolerate Ha Jong outburst & mindless remarks almost making him look like an idiot. Se Jong said that retaking Mo San Fortress is deem a point of no return. Seol Won Rang explains the rugged & narrow path that leads to Mi San Fortress in precipitous & dire. It is a great place to provided opportunity of meeting with ambushes for the army that ride through the path. The vanguard send will be total annihilation

Ha Jong said that Kim Yong Su may not able to retake the fortress. Seol won Rang said that Kim Yong Su may use other diverting tactics & may sacrifice the vanguard for this gain diversionary stratagem as plans, this is why nobody wants to command & implement this tactics for the high risk of body counts. Ha Jong asked what if Kim Yong Su do succeed in this expedition. Meanwhile Cheon Myeong is begging her mother Queen Maya to speak to King Jinpyeong to stop this from happening. Queen Maya tries to pacifies her wailing daughter fearing the safety of her husband. Cheon Myeong don’t wish to be make Queen but King Jinpyeong has force her husband to take up deployment so that her husband will fulfilled that King’s investiture as Crown Prince. Queen Maya asked what are they supposed to do as the 3 princes had already pass on & there is no male Seonggol to succeed. Cheon Myeong said that all this are Mi Shil’s plans & evasion schemes. Cheon Myeong said this expedition will make them lose Kim Yong Su

Seol Wong Rang discuss in the tactical briefing in the logistics & the terrain of Mo San Fortress. There will be Baekje army of 20,000, meanwhile the army lead Buyeo Jang is reported to advance to Sam San. There is also an appearance of movement that reinforcements are seen to join them at Doshil ridge. The army morale is soaring in great mighty spirit. Seol Won Rang asked Kim Yong Su to take a vanguard of 1000 soldiers pass through the path & seize control overtake their stronghold at Eulmijae. Kim Yong Su looks attentively. Seol Won Rang tells that it will be a peril & fierce undertaking in engaging the battle as they will be ambushes station at both sides of the ridge. Meanwhile the rearguard will engage an attack the Northern gates of Mo San Fortress therefore retaking it

Bu Yeo Jang (King Mu’s given name is Jang as he comes from Buyeo County, he is known as that but better known by another given name as SeoDong). Later become the 30th ruler of Baekje King Mu (reign 600-641), famous character in the Ballad of Seodongyo who later married King Jinpyeong’s 3rd daughter Princess Seon Hwa as Queen

After the tactical briefing, Kim Yong Chu asked that he should come along to battle, but Kim Yong Su to wants his brother to stay behind to protect Cheon Myeong & King Jinpyeong. Kim Yong Chu can’t stand to watch that his elder brother is going to the gates of death. Then suddenly Cheon Myeong comes running begging her husband to run away. They must run away to able to survive. Cheon Myeong asked her husband just to adhere to her wishes this once. In her earnest begging then about to leave, King Jinpyeong comes

King Jinpyeong goes to have a private word with his daughter. Cheon Myeong asked her father to allow Kim Yong Su to leave then King Jinpyeong pours out his own sorrow to his daughter

King Jinpyeong: After since that day, I have not been able to protect anything on my own accord. The day when King Jinheung passed away, the dream he wanted me to fulfil in his stead behalf. I could not bring about to do anything to protect his aspired vision either. Your mother, Maya my beloved Maya whom I love dearly I could not protect her either. My three sons I could not protect them, either. What is also there is something else I could not protect either……are my people. This Seorabeol is filled with Mi Shil’s people. She appropriated misuses His Majesty’s (King Jinheung) final edict to dethroned your uncle (King Jinji), after which she put me on the throne. Then together with the former king (King Jinheung’s) dreams, my three sons, the Hwa Rang, Hwa Baek (Council of Nobles) & everything within this nation……Whilst she stole it all right under my eyes, I could not protect a single thing. But however, if there is anything I protect & rescued from Mi Shil’s baneful esurience,….. that will be you. It is you & nothing else. The person who will able to survive the wrath of Mi Shil’s harrowing complot…that is you. There is also the day that you were born that was the day when the Gaeyang (Mizar) of the Big Dipper split in two, the constellation of its seven stars became eight. It was then I received a letter from Moon Noh.

Cheon Myeong hears Gukseon (State Sylph) Moon Noh for the 1st time. King Jinpyeong said that Moon Noh disappear 15 years ago from the palace. Cheon Myeong asked what is the content of the letter had said

King Jinpyeong: When that the day on which the seven stars of the of the Big Dipper would become eight, there is someone who will able to come to contend with Mi Shil’s might that would grace the royal household…that person is you

Cheon Myeong is shocked. King Jinpyeong said that he has no one he can rely on except his daughter. King Jinpyeong beg his daughter to comply to his request. Kim Yong Su looks at the distance. Ha Jong complaints to his father on his worries that Kim Yong Su will return from this expedition in victory. Mi Saeng in his interest asked how can the marriage between Se Jong & her sister can produce such unfathomable off spring. Ha Jong said that Mi Saeng is looking down on him. Se Jong said that Ha Jong is not wrong in his concern. The battlefield can always reap the most unpredictable of victories. Se Jong said that King Jinpyeong might have secretly dispatch reinforcement from Manno Fortress & also other Generals to accompany in the expedition

Manno Fortress is ancient name for Jin Cheon County (Jin Cheon-gun) is a county in North Chungcheong Province (Chungcheongbuk-do). This is also the birth place of Kim Yu Shin

Se Jong is concern what if by chance of providence that Kim Yong Su comes home victorious in the campaign, what will Mi Saeng wants to do & have any excuses in order to protest Kim Yong Su’s investiture. Mi Saeng said that if that ever happens it will be a grave bother & trouble for them. Then if that does happened, he is sure that his sister & Seol Won Rang will think up of something, before finishing his conversation, Mi Shil comes in & asked why they are still up so late in gathering. Mi Saeng said that his nephew can’t sleep thinking of the prospect that Kim Yong Su might return in victory in the campaign that keep Ha Jong awake. Ha Jong is concern that if this happened, they can’t stop Kim Yong Su’s investiture as Crown Prince. Se Jong asked there is no Seonggol heir around, how can King Jinpyeong turns to a Jingol to be make King. Mi Shil said that indeed it is, this is why they will not oppose this investiture. Ha Jong is surprise

Seol Won Rang that Kim Yong Su claimed as Crown Prince will opened an opportunity gate for them who are Jingol & deems as a positive gesture. Se Jong doesn’t get the drift. Seol Won Rang then emphasizes that King Jinpyeong have opted to have a Jingol & not a Seonggol to succeed him. Ha Jong said that is why it is absurd. Mi Shil asked whether there is a Seonggol among them. Se Jong asked where to find a Seonggol in the present in Seorabeol. Mi Shil said it may been seen lamentable but King Jinpyeong has paved the way & outlet for a Jingol to succeed the throne. Mi Saeng praises that Mi Shil & Seol Won Rang has come up with a great plan on their foresight. Seol Won Rang said that King Jinpyeong has totally miscalculated on this part that in order to clamoured for Kim Yong Su’s investiture as Crown Prince opens up a bestowal an opportunity to all the Jingol bloodline. Ha Jong said that they still can’t allow this, if by chance Kim Yong Su returns in triumph. Mi Shil said that recapturing of Mo San fortress is a gain in their expanding boundaries that is the good for Silla. Mi Shil said whatever is good for this country will be good blessing for her as well. Se Jong caution that this is no time for indulging in whims & fancy. Se Jong fears what if Kim Yong Su comes back triumph & takes his investiture as Crown prince, what will happened. Mi Saeng said there when was any time that his mighty sister ever been daunted by such trifling possibility, furthermore there is nothing that she would allow this to ever happen. Mi Shil seems confident
Cheon Myeong cleaning her husband armour then decided to sew a jade that she carrying as a pendant ornament into her husband’s armour for protection, but then prick herself while sewing it in. Then weep to herself in sadness. Kim Yong Su comes to comfort his weeping wife.

Jade has the significant of being the elixir of life, the stone if immortality. It is known as divine stone that has the cure of asthma, gravel, epilepsy & heartburn in some older culture. In the east, it is venerated as a stone believes in bringing serenity, peace of mind, protection, power to warn of evil spirits & in accident, absorb all the bodily harm & injuries of the wearer. It also symbols of harmony, humanity, intelligence & justice

Then they take a stroll at the Pavilion Anapji Pond. This is Gyeongju, close distance to the National Gyeongju Museum

Anapji pond as said in the historical book of Samguk-sagi, during the 14th year of King Munmu’s reign (AD 661-681) in the Silla period (57 BC – AD 935), a large pond was dug and small mountains were built all within the palace walls. Additionally, beautiful flowers were planted and rare animals were brought in to create an exquisite garden environment. It is at Wyolseung (fortress erected in AD 101 during the Silla period) that we can find Anapji Pond. In 1974, an excavation revealed large spherical shapes (measuring 200 meters in diameter and 180 meters in height) indicating that 3 islands were located in the pond. Anapji Pond can presently be viewed in its near original splendour, thanks to restoration efforts. There is also Imhae jeonji is as one of the detached palaces, of the Silla royal family’s main palace, this structure was used as the crowned prince’s palace. Imhaejeon is historically the most important building on the property and historical books often refer to the surrounding area as a whole simply as Imhaejin. An excavation resulted in the discovery of several buildings, Hoerang (corridor area), Anapji Pond and five towers in the western portion of the site. While some sites have been restored others have been left in the natural form, only leaving the corner stones in sight.

Kim Yong Su asked whether she recalls as Cheon Myeong said how she can ever forget. Kim Yong Su recall that Cheon Myeong was no older than 12 years old at that time. Cheon Myeong said that the 12 years old child who was daring & brave enough to confess her feeling to the person she harboured her love. Kim Yong Su & Cheon Myeong walks a distance & continues their story that after a while they were married. Cheon Myeong said that it feels like lifetime has pass them by but yet foster the same feeling that it was is still fresh memory playing in their minds. Cheon Myeong blames it is all her faults if she wasn’t a Princess. Kim Yong Su comforts his weeping wife. Cheon Myeong apologise that she should be mournful before her husband deployment for battle. Kim Yong Su asked his wife to cry freely. Kim Yong Su hugs her for Cheon Myeong to have a shoulder cry. Cheon Myeong cries to ask Kim Yong Su not to go & not to leave her. She know that Kim Yong Su has no will or interest in power but he has to become the Crown Prince to take to the battlefield to gain glory by risking his life. Kim Yong Su promises that he will vanquish them all no matter what it takes & be it be Baekje or Mi Shil, in which after he shall return to her in this warm embrace that they are now & spend the rest of his day with her forever. Kim Yong Su kisses his wife & then embraces her

The morning set off to battle. Cheon Myeong sees her husband as he goes off to battle. Kim Yong Su turns around to see his wife. Mi Saeng & Seol Won Rang looking at the distance at the send off. Mi Saeng asked whether there campaign will not be hampered by unpredictability. Silla army marches off to Mo San Fortress lead by Kim Yong Su. Then in the engage battle with flights of arrow shooting down as the armies clashes in a fierce battle with countless casualties & death, as soldier are strike down by arrows. Kim Yong Su order a charge as the soldier engage in battle. This time the battle is already on foot arm in arm combat as they slaying each other down. They were some that gone down to fist fight brawls that every man to himself. Kim Yong Su managed to get the head of the Baekje General & shouts triumph holding his slay of dismembered head of the enemy & shouts victory to Silla as the soldier cheers victory. One of the Silla soldier send by Seol Won Rang shot Kim Yong Su in the arrow. The arrow pierce where Cheon Myeong sown the jade pendant. Cheon Myeong was there to witness the fall of her husband. As he fell the men gather around his body while Cheon Myeong trying to get through the crowded men. In his dying breath, Kim Yong Su looks to the direction of his wife & tries to reach her as she wailing for him. In his arm stretch hand he tries to give back her jade which was broken by the arrow & he dies

Cheon Myeong in delirious from nightmare where the palace maid comes in & tries to wake her up by calling out to her. Cheon Myeong wakes up from her nightmare screaming. Palace maid wipes the cold sweat & asked what is the nightmare this time demons or goblins or is the tiger chasing after you. Cheon Myeong said that it was in the battlefield & Kim Yong Su was there. Cheon Myeong fear for the worst & asked whether there is news from the front. Then shouts that the army has been victorious in retaking & now has conquered Mo San Fortress. The soldier comes to report to Cheon Myeong that they have retaken Mo San Fortress & was victorious. The army of Kim Yong Su had slaughtered 2000 Baekje soldiers & claim the fortress. Cheon Myeong is glad to hear of the good news. Palace maid asked when Kim Yong Su is returning. The soldier hesitates. Cheon Myeong demands to know what is the matter. The soldier said that Kim Yong Su lead to retake the fortress but on the journey back was shot by arrow from a few Baekje renegades soldier. Cheon Myeong was shocked. The Soldier hands her the bloody jade pendant that she sew. The soldier said that Kim Yong Su in his dying moments orders them to convey this jade back to Cheon Myeong. Cheon Myeong collapse as she sees the blood stained jade

Meanwhile in Taklamakan desert, Cartan knocking at Deok Man’s room door to open her door, he asked how long she want to spend inside the room & not come out. Cartan said she already survive the dreadful sand storm this she should take as a sign to clench her teeth in grit to survive. Cartan said that they rummaged the whole of the desert in searching for her only to see her starve like this. Egyptian merchant calls out to Deok Man to eat & leave the food tray outside her door & asked her she must eat. They leave after failing to coax her. Deok Man staring blankly at the room shell shocked. Then Deok man stat to tap her fingers like a running code Morse, on the other side Cheon Myeong in mourning locked herself in the room is doing the same habit as both of the sister simultaneously tapping in parallel axis

Then So Hwa comes & stop Deok Man from the irritable taps. So Hwa asked why is she doing this again, does she feel anxious, daunted or is she sad. Deok man about to burst into tears as So Hwa tells Deok Man how silly she is. Deok Man calls out to her mother. Deok Man hugs So Hwa as comfort Deok man & asked her to remember who has said that that all will be fine & be alright. So Hwa wipes Deok man tears & said that in desert that you must not waste your tears & save it. Deok man calls out to her mother repeatedly & hugs her & wailed out loudly. So Hwa comforts Deok Man by patting her. Then meanwhile in the parallel axis Cheon Myeong tapping her finger in anxiety where Kim Yong Su comes to comfort his wife. Kim Yong Su stops his wife from trembling & asked whether it was nightmare afflicted that she is having anxiety attacks. Kim Yong Su embraces his wife & comfort that everything is alright. Whenever she cries, he will embrace her like what he is doing. Whenever her fingers tremble, he will take her hands & hold them to easy her trembles. Kim Yong Su will do this all the time for her forever. Kim Yong Su pacifies his wife the same as So Hwa did to Deok Man. Chen Myeong crying as Queen Maya knocks at the door to get her daughter to open the door. Cheon Myeong realise that Kim Yong Su is gone. Queen Maya said how long does she want to stay in the room since she need to preside the funeral rites that they should honour the memory of Kim Yong Su

Kim Yong Su’s funeral. Cheon Myeong staring at her husband’s tablet & her body is laid in rest at the temple when Mi Shil comes to pay her condolences in a Buddhist temple. Mi Shil pays a white chrysanthemum on Kim Yong Su’s body. She goes to Cheon Myeong to give her “comfort”

Commonly in the Buddhist temple that practices Mahāyāna Buddhism if I can remember clearing usually have 3 Buddhas usually in a sitting lotus position. The centre Buddha is the Sakyamuni being flanked by Amitabha on the left & Medicine Buddha on the right, usually have a mural painting of the other Buddhas. The Korean temple also have Sakyamuni pagoda as well. In other smaller chambers the dedication to Goddess of mercy or Avalokiteśvara. Korean is Gwan Eum or Gwan Se Eum

Mi Shil said that they must honour Kim Yong Su passing that Kim Yong Su death is a bereave & misfortune for the nation (but of course fortune to Mi Shil. One man’s poison is the other man’s meat). It is truly a lost by divine providence & asked Cheon Myeong to regain her vigour from her bereavement. Mi Shil stood up & leave but turns back to embrace her which caught Cheon Myeong by surprise. Then Mi Shil

Mi Shil: Run away!…The seven stars…Gaeyang’s keeper & prophesy ?!…Abandon such trifling delusions, & run far away. This…is my last shred of compassion for you.

Mi Shil gives her final threat to Cheon Myeong in goodwill for her to leave. As Mi Shil leaves Cheon Myeong can only stare at her

Return to Taklamakan Desert. Deok Man bid goodbye to the merchant who are leaving. Deok Man greeting in each of their language. The Arab greets her As Salam. The Indian she greeted Namaste. Egyptian merchant give Deok man a bear hug. He then asked that she is now all alone will she be alright. Deok Man said that she is running the tavern on her own, she assure them she will be fine. Deok Man is better mood. Deok Man looks at a very concern Cartan as she trying to give assurance that she will be fine that she is Deok Man. Deok Man hugs the worried Cartan

As salam is Arabic for peace be upon you, in is general a Muslim or Arabic greeting, it usually follow by a handshake

Namaste, is Sanskrit from external sandhi between namaḥ and te is a common spoken greeting or salutation in the Indian subcontinent. It is derived from Hinduism, or I salute the light kindling your spirit” or simply in modern Hindi as Hello

Deok Man asked them to set off quickly as Cartan asked them to depart. Deok Man wish them safe journey & waves goodbye. Camel caravan crossing the Taklamakan as Deok man watches the caravan passing as she ponders then Cartan comes back for her. Deok Man surprise to see Cartan. Cartan invites Deok man to go to Rome with him. Cartan said that Deok Man always wanted to go to Rome to become a heroine like the books. Deok Man is grateful Cartan is glad as Deok Man is grateful & asked her to leave now with him to Rome. Deok Man said that she will indeed leave not for Rome but for Gyerim instead. Then Cartan asked whether it is Dunhuang or Seo Yeong (Western regions)

Seo Yeong - Xiyu in Mandarin is Xinjiang & the former Soviet Central Asia) indicate further west in Central Asia that is the Tarim basin. It was later that Tang Emperor Taizong had a campaign against the Xiyu states

Deok man said that she will go to Gyerim located in the eastern end of the continent. Cartan asked why do she want to go to Gye Rim. Cartan said that she may be born in Gye Rim but grew most of her life in China & may not know anyone in Gye Rim. Deok Man said the least she know is someone’s name that is Moon Noh & he could be her father. Deok man wants to go to Gye Rim to find him to asked him why she was abandoned & to convey her mother’s death to him & what has happened in their lives. Cartan asked whether she is really convinces she can do this. Deok Man affirms. She had made up her mind, to decided to go to Gyerim. Cartan said that is fine but she must dressed up like a man. Cartan warns they may never know what befalls will happened to a lone woman taking such an arduous trip. Deok Man agrees it is a good idea. Cartan said that Deok Man must return being her old mischievous & strong willed Deok that he know. Deok Man said that she will, it is because the desert tears are the 1st thing to get dried up

Are we to believe that Deok Man will dressing as a man in Silla to hide her gender until she is discovered. Another Shin Yun Bok? I do hope we will see Cartan again sometime later in the drama. When Queen Seon Deok opens her country Silla for thriving commercial trading. Back at Silla. King Jinpyeong is shocked that Cheon Myeong wants to leave the palace. Cheon Myeong said that she will leave the palace to take up in holy order in Buddhism. Queen Maya is also shocked at her daughter decision to take up holy orders. King Jinpyeong can’t permit her daughter to do so as she is the destine 8th star of the Big Dipper. Cheon Myeong from now onwards wish to forget & bury her destined fate deep in her mind. Cheon Myeong gives her parents a formal greeting of goodbye & leaves the palace

Cheon Myeong’s palace maid asked why she also had to take up holy orders. Her palace maid likes the life in the palace than the temple. Kim Yong Chu is outside the gate waiting for her. Kim Yong Chu has a private moment with her as he said he will escort her to the temple. Cheon Myeong said that is not the reason that she wanted to see him. Cheon Myeong asked Kim Yong Chu to find the whereabouts of Moon Noh. Moon Noh is Gukseon who disappear after his hermitage on Mount Taebaek. Kim Yong Chu asked why does she need to find Gukseon when he is found. Cheon Myeong said Gukseon Moon Noh if it is him, then they will able to seize control of Hwa rang from Mi Shil has stole from her hands. Kim Yong Chu realise that the holy order is a cover & an excuse

Buddhist monks or nun are address as Seon Nim
Cheon Myeong said that she is not running away. She will find Moon Noh then after engage in a debate with him, if the prophesy is true about her with the destiny that he has said. Should it be true that I will restore his position amongst in Hwa Rang & will make him her vassal. This is because that her life, King Jinpyeong & also her child that is about to exist will be threaten if it is not true & depends on him if it true. Kim Yong Chu realise that Cheon Myeong is pregnant with his brother’s child. The palace doesn’t know about her pregnancy as she doesn’t want her child fate to befall like her brothers or her husband, so she can’t have it the child in the palace. She will not allow her child to follow that path. Cheon Myeong asked Kim Yong Chu to do the search in stealth for Moon Noh & caution at all times. Kim Yong Chu must find Moon Noh

Then One Year Later

Cheon Myeong doing her rituals when her palace maid said that Kim Yong Chu has come. Kim Yong Chu carry an infant & tell him that he is his older brother last are the last flesh and blood that is left. Cheon Myeong presence is announce. Cheon Myeong tells Kim Yong Su does her child looks blessed with an imposing figure. Kim Yong Chu is said that a royal child should be grow up in the prosperity & the trimming of the palace instead of force to be hidden & conceal, he feels heartbreak of the present circumstances. Kim Yong Chu asked whether Cheon Myeong had named her child

Cheon Myeong: Lady Mi Shil has once said before of these words, that time holds no keepers. Mi Shil also cannot do anything or stand against before time’s prowess. Therefore…I gave him a name which means exactly that time she so fervently daunts. I will named him…

Chun Chu means literally Spring & Autumn. It also under means age, year annals & history with time of infinity. Kim Chun Chu (Kim Yong Su & Cheon Myeong’s son, later to be King Muyeol of Silla)

Cheon Myeong is concern about progress in the matter she has asked Kim Yong Chu to find out for her. Meanwhile man is being interrogated to extract information by Seol Won Rang on Kim Yong Chu’s secret stealth finds of whose whereabouts & why. The poor man being torture claim he does know anything. Meanwhile Cheon Myeong asked where Moon Noh is. Kim Yong Chu said that he is Manno County’s Sam Mountain at Yeo Rae Temple. The poor man finally confess under the strain of torture that he was suppose to look for Moon Noh the Gukseon (State Sylph) that had disappeared a long time ago for Kim Yong Chu but he doesn’t know the reason why

Cheon Myeong said that if it is Manno County then it is his home town

Manno County is the present Jin Cheon in the province of Chungcheongbuk do. Southwest of the county is mountainous. Cheon Myeong asked whether he was in Manno County all this while. Kim Yong Chu said that Moon Noh makes a trip & goes there in a few years, so they are keep surveillance for his return that should be soon. Cheon Myeong said she will personally have to see him there. Kim Yong Chu voices concern that the area borders with Baekje’s frontiers, not only do skirmishes frequently happen daily; recently suffered famine has engulfed the region, causing constant turmoil’s of destitute. The area is considered gravely dangerous to venture. Kim Yong Chu asked Cheon Myeong to wait when the area is more settle, but Cheon Myeong said that she had to make haste for the area so Moon Noh will disappear yet again like the fleeting of a wind if we don’t meet with him now, she will never know when the next time it may come. Cheon Myeong is determined to set for Manno County

Mi Shil is surprise almost with slight chill fear that Kim Yong Chu has been searching for Moon Noh. Seo, Won Rang said that Kim Yong Chu this year in stealth has been looking for the person is none other is Gukseon Moon Noh. Kim Yong Chu bid farewell the leave some of his guard to give protection for Cheon Myeong’s perilous journey. Cheon Myeong thanked him for his kindness & Kim Yong Chu asked that she take every caution in her undertaking of her journey. Cheon Myeong said that she finally able to meet with Gukseon

During these times, most noble family has a sustainable amount of people as private army

Meanwhile Seol Won Rang said that they must be planning something, it may to avenge the death of Kim Yong Su. Mi Shil interrupts & asked where is Moon Noh’s whereabouts now. Seol Won Rang tells that Gukseon is said to in Yeo Rae Temple in Manno Gun (County). Mi Shil seems to wonder that Moon Non comes to haunt her as it is seem to her that demise shall be the only way to cut those ties. Mi Shil asked Seol Won to prepare for it. Her palace maid sending her off as Cheon Myeong set off your Yeo Rae Temple. Cheon Myeong instruct them to return to the hermitage in Mount Seo Da

Mount Seo Da ancient name for Mount Mai in Jinan County, Jeollabuk-do (North Jeolla). Mount Mai is a great long distance hiking mountain with various degree of hiking path. The temple that is in this mountain is the some temples like Ensusa temple, Geumdangsa temple or Boheungsa temple where Cheng Myeong has been in seclusion hermitage

Cheon Myeong palace maid concern that the place that Cheon Myeong is heading is deem too risky & dangerous as she hears grave news about the place & asked whether Cheon Myeong insist on attempting this journey, another palace maid said she will follow & she never had got alone anyway before but Cheon Myeong forbade them to go & assures then that Kim Yong Chu’s guards are there to protect her. Cheon Myeong said it will be cumbersome in matter if there is 2 women in the journey. Cheon Myeong bid her sleeping son to wait for her return, she will be back the soonest she can

On a Chinese junk boat the people shouting that they have arrive in Ji Lin. Deok Man is on the boat. Deok Man awakes the shout that they had arrived at Gyerim. Deok Man runs to the hull of the boat to see the shores of Gyerim. Then Deok Man said that she will determined to able to see him

Gyerim in Chinese literally translate as Rooster forest. It is the Chinese reference & sobriquet to Silla as Gyerim. At present Gyerim is the small woodland in Gyeongju National Park, Gyeongju,

Ironically both sister said that same statement that they are determine that they will able to meet with Moon Noh. Then in the gate of Manno City fortress

Manno City fortress presently Jin Cheon, province Chungcheongbuk do

Deok Man reads the gate sign as she asked around passerby if this was Gukseon Moon Noh’s hometown. Passerby asked what is wrong with Deok Man’s dressing that can’t identify her gender whether she is male or female. Deok Man assures him that she is a male. Deok Man said that people in the desert dress like that. Passerby laugh that people from the desert are coming to look for Moon Noh. Deok Man asked where she can find Moon Noh. The passerby said that Deok Man is wasting her time to learn a few moves from Moon Noh. Passerby tells that there are 100 people who lodge in the city every year looking for Moon Noh but how Deok Man is going to meet someone who just a myth that has long disappear in existence

Moon Noh is now the local legend that has special skill to pass down if there is a chance to encounter him

Deok Man convince herself that Moon Noh is not a myth. Deok Man asked around in the market on how she could see Moon Noh but the storekeepers all give her the answer that Manno City is his hometown but he is never been seen. Deok Man asked where he might be, the answer was given to her that some people think that Moon Noh is in Seorabeol (Royal Palace), other on Amnyangju, or even Dae Ya Fortress. Then another said that he is in some temple in hermitage but another counter that Moon Noh is seen in Taebaeksan Mountain & been seen flying around & riding in clouds. Deok Man desperate to find Moon Noh whereabouts & everybody tell her that he is hard to find then another she doesbn’t know the name

Amnyangju is presently Gyeongsan city, the province Gyeongsangbuk do Province. Gyeongsan is west border with metropolitan city of Daegu. There is lot of temples here Seonbonsa Temple, Bulgulsa temple, Cheonseongsa temple, Wohyoam (Nunnery), Anheungsa temple, Gyeongheungsa temple & Jeseoksa temple

The Taebaeksan mountains (Grand White Mountain) the mountain ranges are located to the east of the peninsula and run along the Sea of Japan (East Sea). Hwangnyong Mountain in North Korea (1268 metres) forms the northern end of the range. Busan lies at the southern end of the mountain range. This makes the mountain range a total length of over 500 kilometres, averaging about 1000 metres in height. Prominent peaks of the range include Mt. Kŭmgang (1,638 m), Mt. Seorak (1,708 m), and Mt. Odae (1,563 m). To the east, the mountain range falls steeply into the sea, but to the west, there are more gentle slopes. Many spurs stretch southwest. The most important rivers of South Korea Han River and Nakdong River both originate in the Taebaek Mountains. A lot of people like to go to Taebaeksan to make a wish or resolution on the first sunrise on New Year’s Day

Then there is a monk looking at a distance. Deok Man said down & recalls all the answer that people had given her about Moon Noh’s whereabout as she mumbles for her mother. Then a voice comes that
Joo Bang: Lord Moon Noh is not the person of specimen that anyone can seek audience with

Deok Man over hears then finds the monk there was a person kneeling before the monk also seeking to look for Moon. Monk insist that Moon Noh is not an easy person to seek audience with. Deok Man approaches the monk & asked for Moon Noh whereabouts

Deok Man: Master (Seon Nim)! Do you know who Moon Noh is? Can you make us meet?!

Deok Man earnestly trying to get an answer to Moon Noh’s whereabouts


Deok Man: This was given to me. Please may you help me in this!

Jook Bang: Why are you behaving in such hollow manner?!

Deok Man: Please save me…you save me as well!

Kim Yong Chu: They are trying to kill Gukseon!

Seol Won Rang: Choose men you can trust, & fulfil your calling.

Ha Jong We shall stake our lives for it!

General: Charge!

Guard: Wretched brat! Who are you?

Deok Man: Destiny must have paired us together.

Cheon Myeong: Be my guard & protector. This is an order!

Mi Shil: My lowly ancestry precluded me from gaining that throne. He is also my son.

Bo Jong: For whom will you stakes your lives for?

Seol Won Rang: I did it for Mi Shil.

Se Jong: He shall give us his throne

Deok Man: Mother…Just this once….Save me just this once

............. End Episode. 5 ............