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[Episode Summary] Queen Seon Deok (善德女王/ 선덕여왕) - Ep.2

[Storyline] Queen Seon Deok Episode 2.
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Queen Seon Deok enters the drama when Deok Man is being abandoned due to a inauspicious omen then returns to the palace in strive & effort to take authority & in her glory succeed & becomes Silla 1st Queen

In the inner court, Mi Shil a powerful Court ladies rules in authority of power, in this midst of the environment; this come a time when King Jinpyeong & his wife Maya gave birth to twins daughters. But as for the King, it is seen as an ill omen that legend foretold that it will forever diminished the male heir for the royal household. King Jinpyeong had no choice with great sadness has to send his 2nd daughter Deok Man away with a faithful servant to avoid the inauspicious ill fate destiny that will besiege her.

However Mi Shil sends people to pursuit & assassinates Deok Man knowing that this child will be the star that is going to curb her as the survival of her as the authority of Hwa Rang is at stake. Meanwhile Moon Noh device a plan of rescue knowing that Deok Man is a child of destiny that will save Silla from the tyranny of Mi Shil as foretold by King Jinheung to him. He rescues the child & handed her to King Jinpyeong faithful maid Jo Hwa to bring up. Jo Hwa brings the desert of China to live & operate a small inn Mi Shil with her immerse beauty as a tool of manipulation goes to seduce King Jinpyeong to gain his favour to control the palace.

The ambitious Mi Shil using the decree of Jinheung to get King Jinpyeong to the throne, when King Jinpyeong’s wife Maya borne the twin daughters, she uses the twin’s life to threaten Kin Jinpyeong to force him to give her the controlling authority. But without a do Moon Noh & Jo Hwa is one step away & ruined her master plan. Mi Shil hasn’t give up the hope that she one day might be Queen of Silla & secretly plan to have her husband Se Jong to ascend the throne.

Mi Shil sees the stumbling block in her great plan in the shape of Princess Chon Myeong. Chon Myeong had a great intelligence & wisdom with great strategy but doesn’t reveal her true potential. Chon Myeong in the time of need & render has great support in the form of Kim Yong Soo who she eventually married & borne her son Kim Choon Chu.

One day Kim Yu Shil saved Princess Cheon Myeong from the clutches of Mi Shil’s assassination attempts by her subordinates & she was grateful to him for saving her life. Kim Yu Shin a great general & military skilled through the introductory Princess Chon Myeong; Kim Yu Shin meets her sister Princess Deok Man. In helping to realise Princess Deok Man dream of Unified the 3 Korean Kingdoms, found that he had feelings for her & becomes Princess Deok Man loyal friend & confidante. Slowly & gradually Princess Deok Man dissolves Mi Shil’s authority of power then eventually ascended the throne as Silla 1st Queen

History of Hwa Rang
The drama also centre on Hwa Rang a military establishment. Hwa Rang literally means Flower of the Youth Corps, although it may sound a little effeminate but the actual Chinese translation has a man of chivalry. Silla developed its Hwarang (Flower of Youth Corps), a military establishment. The Hwarang members were trained as a group in the arts of war, literary taste and community life, partly through pilgrimages. The educational objectives were loyalty to the monarch; filial piety to parents; amicability among friends; no retreat in war & aversion to unnecessary killing

These objectives were postulated by the famous monk Won-gwang, who consolidated Buddhist-Confucian virtues in the education of Silla youths. This movement became popular and the corps contributed to the strength of the Silla Kingdom. Nowadays Hwarang is respected by the Korean as a symbol of Korean spirit.

Queen Seon Deok Episode 2
In order to laid the foundation of story of Queen Seon Deok we must first look at the political influences of the time & historical significant during the period the year 572-602

Mi Shil reads the King Jinheung’s will & testimony before his death. The successor is not Prince Geum Ryun but Crown Prince Dong Ryun’s eldest son Baek Jeong, King Jinheung’s grandson. Minister drag out a shocked Baek Jeong out to the open & declares Baek Jeong as King of Silla then everybody kneel & bow to him as the new King

So Hwa goes to finds an escape route for Baek Jeong to leave the palace walls to go & find his wife who obviously had not return this late of the night. So Hwa finds it strange that Baek Jeong wants to leave the palace but Baek Jeong hurries her & scares her. So Hwa said she is really timid & Baek Jeong apologise. So Hwa is shocked & curious that Mi Shil has found herself to be married to a Prince that is 15 years her junior, then it is really unfair to Mrs. Maya. Baek Jeong said that Mi Shil is vicious like venomous snake & scorpion. So Hwa thinks that Mrs. Maya is had return safely to the her family residence

If mathematics serves correctly, Mi Shil is 15 years junior to King Jinpyeong. By the time Mi Shil confronts Queen Seon Deok she should be a grand old lady. Go Hyun Jung has always been younger lead men. Baek Jong Min tops it all as I would think he is just old enough to be her son

I will use the formal address for Maya as Mrs. Although the actual form of address is “Mistress” as an old-fashioned term for the lady of the house, especially one who is head of the household. Mistress meaning wife: used in some Commonwealth dialects, but not currently in most British dialects of English but currently in it is the meaning is more associated woman, other than his wife with whom a man has a continuing sexual relationship. It is not appropriate to write Wife (Buin) Maya

Meanwhile in the palanquin, Mrs. Maya is still hold at knife point. Mi Shil serves tea to Se Jong, & tells him that she will soon be Baek Jeong’s Queen, will Se Jong find it distasteful. Se Jong shakes his head that he knows from King Jinheung who had mentioned that no men will able to take & conquer Mi Shil’s heart & owns it. Se Jong is just hate himself that he is not King & had no royal blood

Se Jong is the 6th Pungwolju (Lord of Hwa Rang training/customs). This is taken from Hwa Rang Segi (Annals of Hwa Rang) manuscripts but the context of political legitimacy is still in dispute the authenticity. But for as for a reference fact for the part of story telling in drama is great insight. It gives an aura of a romanticized historical sageuk rather than cold historical facts. Everybody know that the novel of the Romance of the 3 Kingdom is not the truth in history but people still believe & take that the novel is historical facts because it is a joy to read the novel

Seol Won Rang comes to Mi Shil to inform that Baek Jeong is missing from his chambers. Mi Shil asked how about Maya, Seol Won Rand said that it is in progress of being settled. Mi Shil said that Baek Jeong must be found. If Baek Jeong is not here, Hwa Rang & Ha Baek will not full come under her control. Seol Won Rang leaves with her order. Baek Jeong galloping his horse as he goes to finds his wife Maya & prays that she lives. The palanquin gets stop by Moon Noh. The palanquin bearer could recognise who he was. The bearer attack but Moon Noh single handedly deal with them with his martial art skills & all of them fell. Moon Noh asked they already know who is was & yet they gave a fight only to suffer in his hands, even they are 100 of them will not able to defeat him

Moon Noh is a Gookseon (state sylph)
Then the occupants of the palanquin come out. Maya is hold at knife point by the kidnapper & asked Moon Noh to drop his weapon or else Maya get killed. Seol Won Rang cuts into Baek Jeong’s journey as Seol Won Rang asked where he is going. Baek Jeong said that he is going to his wife family residence. Seol Won offer to go on his behalf but Baek Jeong insist to do it on his own & asked Seol Won Rang not to block his path. Baek Jeong is surrounded by men to escort him back to the palace. Maya & Moon Noh is about to be throw of the cliff to be drown as they put boulder for weight to make them sink. The kidnapper read them their crime that Mrs. Maya & Gookseon Moon Noh will have to answer to hell for that. The kidnapper pushes over the boulder although Moon Noh tries to hold on but eventually fall over with Maya over the cliff. As they enter the water they struggle. As they reach rock bottom, Moon Moh hits his head & is unconscious while Maya struggles to free herself

Baek Jeong is brought back to the palace. Seol Won Rang killed all the palanquin bearers who had kidnap Maya as Mi Shil sees to it & was happy with the result. Baek Jeong is crowns King as Mi Shil controls the court to the selection of Ministers of his court. Baek Jeong is now King Jinpyeong & like her puppet he approves everything even before they finished their sentence as a sign of silence protest. Mi Shil brought out the Imperial marriage, it had been half a year into his reign. Mi Shil said that Mrs. Maya had been missing that it is regrettable & tell him that his consort can’t be left vacant. Minister Ku seconded the notion that nation can’t go without a queen. King Jin Pyeong said it is up to the court to decided, he doesn’t have any views on the matter. King Jinpyeong walk out of the courts. Mi Shil is still in control.

King Jinpyeong recalls that he gave the King Jinheung trusted dragger to Maya to wear for protection. King Jinpyeong is looking rather glum when So Hwa is looking at the distance. Then Eul Jae returns from China. Mi Saeng notice Eul Jae’s return as King Jinpyeong thanked him for his return. Eul Jae promise to be loyal subject to King Jinpyeong. Se Jong calculates their control of power & finds that Eul Jae is their stumbling block. Mi Saeng rest assured that Eul Jae will not be a threat. Eul Jae will support the marriage of Mi Shil with Kin Jinpyeong. Se Jong had his doubt to leave Eul Jae beside the King. Mi Shil assures them that the situation defer from what it was 4 years ago there nothing to fear or dread. Mi Shil said that the King is lonely so he is a little rebellious. Mi Saeng laughs that Mi Shil showed concern for her future husband. Mi Shil asks her brother to quiet down. Mi Saeng is really a weird person who is only there out of her sister’s merit.

Seol Won Rang said that they best option is to control the aristocrats & all the officials as well. It will be the best if the King participates as well. This way all will see in their way & the nation is theirs to take. Then Mi Shil road to being Queen will be smooth. Mi Shil said to go with the plan. King Jinpyeong is force to participate the Aristocrat conference. The conference agenda is choosing the new Queen for King Jinpyeong. Eul Jae is present in the conference. The Aristocrats is headed by counsel of 10 people. Eul Jae queries about Mi Shil resume. Although Mi Shil has serves under 3 Kings but after King Jinheung death, she should have taken holy order. However why is she heard selecting to be Queen & finds her not suitable. Then the debate of the Mi Shil credential as Queen. Mi Shil was a Won hwa & all his deed she had done for the nation. The rest also said that King Jinpyeong agreed to it. The shocked written on King Jinpyeong face. Then for the vote, all looking why Eul Jae will vote. Eul Jae holding the “against” card.

Won Hwa “original flower” who was a mother figure to the young men and only engaged in combat when absolutely necessary.

As they about to give verdict, Moon Noh asked them to cease & meet with King Jinpyeong. Then the counsel of Aristocrat said that Moon Noh has no right to storm into the counsel & influence the decision. Then Moon Noh asked them to attention for the arrival of the Queen.

Moon Noh: Stand attention & bid greetings. The arrival of the Queen

The palanquin is brought forth & then door are open & Maya appears from the palanquin & walks bravely towards King Jinpyeong as everybody is shocked & bow to her as she is now Queen. King Jinpyeong embrace his wife for their yearn & miss for each other. Kim Jinpyeong thanked her for staying alive & save his horror that he had to take Mi Shil as wife & Queen. Maya told the conference that she was kidnap by assailant on her way to her family residence. Maya & Moon Noh will want this reveal & get to the truth but they couldn’t find out. Maya looks at Mi Shil as Kin Jinpyeong looks at Mi Shil, all too well Mi Shil may be behind this. Maya told hoe she was bound hand & leg & was throw to the sea with Moon Noh. King Jinpyeong thanked Moon Noh for saving Maya, but Moon Noh said that Maya save him instead. Maya said it was King Jinpyeong who save her. King Jinpyeong didn’t know what she meant. Maya showed the dagger that she was save by King Jinheung’s dagger who cut her tied rope

King Jinpyeong was glad the King Jinheung’s dagger protected his wife as it should had done when he 1st initially gave to her. Maya it was only her, Maya let King Jinpyeong to touched her stomach to reveal that she is heavily pregnant, but their child in the womb as well, their royal blood. Mi Shil is choked as all is lost for her becoming Queen. King Jinpyeong is glad that their child is still alive

King Jinpyeong: Thank you….thank you…My Queen

King Jinpyeong embrace his wife as the crowd cheers for the new Queen. On their way back to the palace. Mi Shil swallowing her pride. King Jinpyeong & Maya together with Eul Jae & Moon Noh in the same palanquin as King Jinpyeong digesting what has happened as he thanked Moon Noh sincerely for saving his wife & his unborn child, it is the Queen Maya. Queen Maya said that it was the King Jinheung’s dagger, cut her bounded ropes then able to rescue Moon Noh to the surface, or else this day will not had come. Moon Noh tells of their survival ordeal & Queen Maya brave it all. Queen Maya will to live is strong. Queen Maya said it was the child in the womb who had the will to live. Queen Maya said that she felt the movement of their child in the womb, felt their child breathing, it must be a naughty child definitely will able to be born

I will think it is appropriate to use Queen Maya for Kin Jinheung’s wife

King Jinpyeong touches his Queen’s stomach. King Jinpyeong swear to his child that he will let his child see that he will be a good King, he turns to Eul Jae & Moon Noh

King Jinpyeong: Please help me both of you. I must able to do this. I will do this….King Jinheung before he died, he has worry about this & was burden by it & he had said it in his decree, we need for our weak Silla go through & survive this obstacles that he is sweating with fear, he worried about his people becoming slaves to Baekje & Goguryeo. King Jinheung have strive his life in establishing his nation as the mighty & great Silla, which has been snatch by Mi Shil. I must take it back, please help me

Moon Noh & Eul Jae agrees to support the King. Eul Jae said that Moon Noh know when the time to return he will return & the world will change for the better, it is great. Eul Jae & Moon Noh meets with Mi Shil. Mi Shil asked whether Moon Noh return was because she will never be make Queen. When King Jinheung passed away, Moon Noh was in Jungwasan praying to heavens & had bestowed vision. She asked whether this was the bestowed vision that she will never be Queen. Moon Noh said it wasn’t & told her about the Big Dipper having 8 stars & before the stars appear, the world belongs to Mi Shil & will be invincible. Mi Shil knew that there were to 2 bestowed visions. Moon Noh said that the Mi Shil had the favour of the heavens. Moon Noh & Eul Jae leaves as Mi Shil is rejuvenate from Moon Noh’s insight to his visions. Eul Jae asked Moon Noh that there is more to it & query why Moon Noh would have reveal to Mi Shil

Moon Noh said he had a dream that able to breaks the bestowed vision. He doesn’t know whether it was his hope that had change to that dream, but Eul Jae said that are coming & passing that is the way of life. Eul Jae said that only deal with matter that is before them. Mi Shil goes to the Silla temple to meditate. Seo Ri the high priestess comes & asked that Mi Shil has insomnia. Seo Ri asked why she wanted so much to become Queen when she already have everything without being one. Mi Shil she have everything but still deprive being able to be Queen as not one of it. Seo Ri said that she is indeed a woman after all. Yes, Mi Shil had vanity of the woman, the glory of being a woman is to become Queen of the nation. S

............. End Episode. 2 ............