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[Episode Summary] Queen Seon Deok (善德女王/ 선덕여왕) - Ep.1

[Storyline] Queen Seon Deok Episode 1.
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Queen Seon Deok (637-647)

This drama is MBC 48th Special Project
Queen Seon Deok is scripted by Kim Young-Hyun (Hit, Dae Jang Geum)
& Park Sang Yeon (Hit, JSA). While directed by PDs Park Hong Kyun (New Heart) and Kim Geun Hong (Yi San, Jumong).This is the 1st drama depicts about the Silla Empire

Go Hyun Jung (Hit), in her 1st time sageuk. It was initially, Go Hyun Jung was considered for the part of Queen Seon Deok herself, but is now cast in a different lead role. Her character, “Mi Shil,” is a beautiful court woman who manipulates men to bring herself into a position of power, who becomes one of the prominent heroines of Silla times, along with the main character, Queen Seon Deok. Mi Shil is a beautiful woman who hungers for power. She was also the assistant for 3 previous kings. Women are seen as equal in a staunch Buddhist society as Silla

Lee Yeon Won (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee) will play as Princess Deok Man, the eldest daughter of Silla’s King Jinpyeong (reign 579-632) whom has no sons to succeed him. King Jinpyeong then had his eldest daughter to succeed him which eventually became Queen Seon Deok, Silla 27th ruler. She possessing an extraordinary charm and wit, she eventually became the first Queen (ruler) in the Korean history despite her being in the war-torn Korean Three Kingdoms Era (Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla). Princess Deok Man also has famous sisters

History background of the characters
Legend has it that during Princess Deok Man early in her life, Queen Seon Deok had displayed an unusually quick mind. Once the king received a box of peony seeds from the Emperor of China, accompanied by a painting of what the flowers looked like. Looking at the picture, the single Seon Deok remarked that while the flower was pretty it was too bad that it did not smell. “If it did, there would be butterflies and bees around the flower in the painting.” Her observation about the peonies’ lack of smell proved correct, a demonstration of her intelligence, and thus her ability to rule.

The annals of Hwarang from the Silla Dynasty record that the 27th ruler, Queen Seon Deok, had four husbands. Some suspect the authenticity of the records, but they say the queen married first as a princess. Her father, King Jinpyeong, had her marry again after her first marriage produced no male heir. The second husband, Yong Soo, had been wedded to her sister, Chon Myeong and was the older brother of her first husband. Seon Deok remarried for a third and then a fourth time after her previous marriages all failed to produce a male heir. Ultimately, marriage for Seon Deok had served as an instrument to stabilize sovereignty.

In this drama Hwarang the strength & might of Silla stronghold is depicted as an exclusive Military College similar to Sandhurst of its time or surpasses in many perspective that background subject as centre role that is the righteous seat of power. Like the predecessor Dae Jang Geum the Royal Kitchen & the Medical Institute. In Yi San it was the Dohwaseo

2nd Princess Chon Myeong played Park Ye Jin (Hateful Once Again) who married Kim Young Chun who was the son of the 25th ruler of Silla King Jinji (reign 576-579). Then their son Kim Chun Chu became King Taejong Muyeol of Silla (born 602-661 reigned 654-661) on his own right. His childhood friend is the famous Kim Yu Shin who later becomes his brother in law

The legendary 3rd sister Princess Seon Hwa from the Ballad Seodang Yeo who married King Mu of Baekje & mother of King Uija who was the last Baekje King who lost his country to Silla. Princess Seon Hwa whose love story had endured for 1,400 years is love story or just marriage of political alliances. Recently the love comes under threat when the excavation of Mireuk temple in Iksan found that King Mu’s Queen was Queen Seon Tak & not her, although it assume that legend has it that the Mireuk temple was build by both King Mu & Princess Seon Hwa. She is also featured here

The Capital of Silla Empire is Gyeongju

Queen Seon Deok also built the famous Bunhwangsa temple in Gyeongju. She also built the oldest existing astral observatory in East Asia that is still standing Cheomseongdae Observatory. There was also a Jung Am Temple in Jeongseon, there was also Bomun Temple on Seok Mo Island under Gwanghwa Islands the biggest & closest island nearest to Seoul, it about a 10 mins ferry ride from Gwanghwa island. Sangwonsa Temple in Gangwon Do was also said to have built during her reign. Deung Myeong Rakgasa built in Gangneung City but currently only remain as it was destroyed

Kim Yu Shin (595-673) was the great-grandchild of King Guhae of Geumgwan Gaya, the last ruler of the Geumgwan Gaya state. This would have given him a very high position in the Silla bone rank system, which governed the political and military status that a person could attain. He is also the son of General Kim Seo Yeon and Lady Man Myeong, who was a daughter of King Jinheung of Silla (540-576). Kim Yu Shin is best know of being the unifier of the Korean peninsula. He became the greatest general in Korean history. He had 10 children & lived to an age of 78 years old. When he died, he was given the honorary tile of King Heungmu for his unification effort & had the burial tomb mount as splendid as the Kings

There are era name in Silla. Daechang (568 – 572), during the reign of King Jinheung; then Hongje (572 – 584), during the reign of King Jinheung, King Jinji and King Jinpyeong then Geonbok (584 – 634), during the reign of King Jinpyeong and Queen Seon Deok & later Inpyeong (634 – 648) during the reign of Queen Seon Deok and Queen Jin Deok

Heaven doesn’t bestow & willed a ruler to the people; but the people do. The person who can able to acquire & united of its people’s heart will able to have heaven’s consent & rules its people & all the ages

Synopsis as it drama
King Jinpyeong has twin daughters but found to be a bad omen as it is destiny that if twin are borne to the royal household, it will forever diminished the household from male heirs. The King declares Chon Myeong but Deok Man is taken away like Moses as they fled from prosecution by a faithful servant. Deok Man’s destiny become the 8th star on the constellation of the Big Dipper (there is only 7 stars in the made up), Silla is destined to have a female ruler

Princess Deok Man & faithful servant lingers themselves in exile in China. King Jinpyeong was in China where some incident, he was separate from his 2 daughters. Princess Deok Man was left behind & grew up in China while her twin sister Chon Myeong is in Silla

Young General Kim Yu Shin loves for Deok Man but finds complication later when she become Queen Seon Deok

Mil Shil is beautiful court palace woman who hungry power becomes a constant threat to Queen Seon Deok was also the former mistress of her father King Jinpyeong, who also has the same wrath & headache with her. She has known to have serves under 3 Shilla kings

[Storyline] Queen Seon Deok Episode 1.
In order to understand the story, we need to go & understand the historically fact that happened prior that is going to shape the story at hand. The drama takes us to the period that is between the year 572 – 602. Scenes where Kim Jinheung is galloping on his might steed horse to see this country. Then there was a narration…..

Narration: When heaven & earth has been not divided. When the time where there is 2 sun & 2 moons. When the sun had become the North Star & the moon become the Big Dipper Plough. The residues of the stars constellation became the people. The bigger stars are representative as rulers. The biggest of them all had become King Jinheung; raise a weak nation to glory name Silla to being a mighty nation

The seven brightest stars of the constellation Ursa Major also know as the Plough.

King Jinheung (540-576) was the 24th monarch of Silla one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. He followed King Beopheung (514–540) and was followed by King Jinji (576–579). Jinheung was the nephew of King Beopheung. King Jinheung was one of the greatest kings of Silla, and was responsible for expanding Silla territory immensely. He and King Seong, 26th king of Baekje, struggled with each other over the Han River valley. Jinheung won this struggle and expanded Silla’s territory immensely. King Jinheung’s achievements for his kingdom established the basis for unification of Korea. He is remembered today by the Korean people as one of the greatest rulers of Silla and Korea.

King Jinheung while riding his steed to oversee the borders. Then high priest did some prayer ritual while praying an omen strike. Kim Jinheung is ambush & he was thrown for the horse & had to single handed fights the assassins. They are sends by Baekje who was to avenge their former King. Then help comes in a form of a masked warrior on horse back, look like Iljimae. Then the masked warrior finds all the assassins & killed them all with mercy with her chain whip

The chain whip is on of the 18 weapon of arm in martial arts (wushu) literally called the 9 section whip & rope dart. It is regards as a conceal weapon & was use in the battlefield during of Jin (265-420). It is usually favour by women due to its mobility & weight

The masked warrior reveals herself as Mi Shil who asked forgiveness from Kim Jinheung for their incompetence in safeguarding his personal security. Kim Jinheung said that she has no wrong because he stubbornly didn’t listen to her advice that nearly killed him. Mi Shil advises that King Jinheung must not check his border alone with any protection; she wants to send the King back to the palace at once. But King Jinheung doesn’t want to as he wants his grandson Baek Jeong to see Bukhansan that is across his country Silla

Bukhansan, or Bukhan Mountain, is a mountain on the north side of Seoul, South Korea. A significant section of Seoul is bordered by Bukhansan, which is a major landmark easily visible from most of the city. The mountain is 836.5 meters above sea level. Its name means “North Han Mountain,” and refers to its location to the north of the Han River. It also is the marker for the Northern boundary of Joseon Seoul. Bukhansan, and Bukhansan National Park of which it is a part, is a popular tourist attraction in the Seoul area. It is known as one of the preferred destinations for bird watching and hiking in the Seoul metropolitan area.

Then on top of the peak of Bukhansan. In the 551 the rulers of Silla Kingdom took the initiative to dethrone the king of Goguryeo Empire with the help of the Baekje Kingdom. King Jinheung of the Silla Empire captured the areas in and around Han Gang just within 2 years and the Bukhansan Monument was erected as a mark of his victory in 555. They are at that mark in Bukhansan; King Jinheung with his subject & heirs as he praise his subject for their effort in making his Silla empire great. He calls for his subject Eul Jae that he had managed & stabilise the internal affairs of the state & also subject Se Jong & Bo Jong handle the royal household & government & praise & admire their loyalty. Then to Mi Shil who is female Captain-Colonel to Hwa Rong the musketeers of the guard of the Royal Household who bring out elite people. Then to Seol Won Rang & Moon Noh, but Mon Noh are not present because he is on recee to the mountains. Kim Jinheung decree the future of Silla rest upon his subjects, because of their existence that Silla can be the empire King Jinheung’s aspiration. His subject acknowledge the King’s wishes

Mi Shil will be equivalent to Captain Colonel let say to the present Cent Suisse (Swiss guards), the Mousquetaires de la Garde (Musketeers of the guard) of the Maison du Roi of Silla

Then Kim Jinheung to his grandson Baek Jeong who soon to be King Jinpyeong to continues his wishes. King Jinheung said the people present here will help his grandson to realise this dream. But Prince Geum Ryun so to be King Jinji is not pleased. Prince Geum Ryun (he carries the surname Kim, eventually his grandson become King Taejong Muyeol) is the 2nd son to King Jinheung.

On the journey back to the palace, Mi Shil stewards King Jinheung in his palanquin (a huge one that the size of a room). Mi Shil tells King Jin Heung if it was him, no other man will have that kind of aspiration dream. King Jinheung said that she too can aspires those dream, then found the whole palanquin jerk & King Jinheung’s tea was spill. King Jinheung wonders what has happened & Mi Shil went to check on it. A palanquin bearer slips & Mi Shil look out the window & twitches her eyes for instruction to have the “slip” bearer to be killed for dereliction of duty since we are talking in terms of the military. Mi Shil tells the King in is only a small matter & it been rectify & went on with their journey

King Jinheung told a story to Mi Shil then when he was young, he hunted a tiger. Mi Shil said that the King is famous for his courage & bravery. King Jinheung said he only use the dagger that he was holding to hunt. Mi Shil finds it strange with this dagger. King Jinheung said that it is in no way that a tiger can be stab with this dagger, being so small. It is because the tiger prang on him & bite his arm. On order to release from the tiger’s jaws or else his hand will be rip off, King Jinheung uses the dagger by stab the tiger’s throat & that was how he killed the tiger. Mi Shil is surprise at that moment he could have such quick thinking action. King Jinheung said he was upset as that tiger had killed his friend. But later he thought that no one will believe him said that he killed the tiger with a broad sword. King Jinheung said that something of interest that the ruler was bitten by a tiger, that tiger was in fact there are times like Baekje & Goguryeo, there are times the noble aristocrats. Each time King Jin Heung will raise some thought of this will recall the tiger incident. Mi Shil praised King Jinheung for being wise & benevolent ruler. King Jinheung also said that he also had done wrong in his decision making. Mi Shil asked whether King Jinheung believe in fate & destiny. King Jinheung said whichever King doesn’t be bound by fate & destiny. Then Mi Shil enquire whether King Jinheung did it with his best of his ability but King Jinheung defer then answered the people is the answer. King Jinheung when he hunted for the tiger he was alone but after that he encounter people who had great believe in him that there were many who came in plenty to company him for the hunt. Thereafter when they hunt for tiger, they were many there to help, in the end the person who had the courage & bravery is really have luck on their side, decision is accurate were all with him siding him to meet whatever tiger is there. The ruler is not bestow or bewilled by heaven but is the people do. A person who can attain the heart of that people will able to rule for all ages. Mi Shil thanked King Jinheung’s insight for the great teaching of life. King Jinheung is having persistent cough suddenly then finds that he is suffering from hemoptysis (coughing out blood); maybe he is suffering from consumption

Back at Gyeongju, capital of Silla. Mi Shill is shock by news that Kin Jinheung is on his last straws. Historically King Jinheung died at the age of 47 years. King Jinheung tells that his life span is up. King Jinheung asked Mi Shil for paper & ink to write his last will & probate. Mi Shil prepares the writing tools for King Jinheung. King Jinheung dictates his will

King Jinheung: I decree that my successor is Grandson Baek Jeong. Eul Jae as (Shang Dae Deung). There is moreover another accordance Prince Geum Ryun & Sae Ju Mi Shil, can’t interfere on influence this decree of governance of politics. They will have to follow me to my eternal rest

This is actually does not mean to die bury alive or entombed with the King like the some Chinese dynasty practice but a lesser denotes is that they have to take on a religious title. Silla is a staunch Buddhist nation

Shang Dae Deung is the Minister in charge of his state affairs when he is too young to govern, an advisor Regent

Sae Ju is the keeper of the Privy seals of the Royal household but is more closer to being Lord High Steward. I am trying to give you some close example to the current Monarchy system. The Lord High Steward acts on behalf of the states when the Monarchy is not present

Mi Shil who is writing froze & chokes for a moment & King Jinheung asked her whether she felt it was unfair. Mi Shil deny that if King Jinheung were to pass away (Bu Yeo – depart), she will give up all the worldly procession. King Jinheung said that will Mi Shil obey his decree. Mi Shil said that she will turn to Buddhism & pray for the King eternal rest to divinity. Mi Shil leaves King Jinheung’s chambers

Bu Yeo is honourific for the sovereign when pass away

King Jinheung summons Eul Jae & Dae Son Baek Jung to his chamber

Dae Seon is the heir apparent to the throne, the Grandson to the present monarch

Then Seol Won Rang comes & seeks audience with Kin Jinheung in his chambers. King Jinheung grants audience. Seol Won came to ask for forgiveness with the intrusion. King Jinheung told Seol Won Rang on his will & testimony to Mi Shil. Seol Won asked the King not to say things that not befitting that can’t be truth. King Jinheung said that Seol Won Rang & Moon Noh as his personal bodyguards know very clearly about his present health. King Jinheung said why the sudden the he divert his journey to the temple & return to the palace, they should know what has happened. King Jinheung decrees a secret command (Mil Ji) to Seol Won Rang & asked him to come closer so he can gave him a letter

Mil Ji – secret command by the King to do his bidding in stealth.

King Jinheung gave him his royal order (Jo Chil) in writing that he has to fulfill. Seol Won accept the decree with obedience

Jo Chil – King’s royal order

King Jinheung asks Seol Won Rang to read it. King Jinheung wants to have Mil Shil assassinated. Seol Won Rang is shocked on reading this. King Jinheung said that Mi Shil will never follow according to his will & testimony. When King Jinheung is alive, Mi Shil is considered the most cherish treasure to Silla but after his death, Mi Shil is a calamity that will besiege Silla. King Jinheung orders to have Mi Shil killed & asked whether Seol Won Rang is able to do it. Seol Won Rang said that he will obey & swear his life to the King’s command even to his death. King Jinheung is relief to hear. Seol Won Rang took the decree & leave

King Jinheung coughing hard & profusely as the Chamberlain calls the Royal Physician but King Jinheung doesn’t want to see the Physician & asked why the Baek Jeong & Eul Jae had not come to his chamber after being summon for so long. Chamberlain said they will be here soon. King Jin Heung chases the Physician & the Chamberlain away, he just want to see Baek Jung. Seol Won gives the secret command of the royal order for Mi Shil to read. Seol Won said that the King is really far sighted in his views & observation. Mi Chil said that King Jinheung is a great Silla King, if he had had the talent for observation, he wouldn’t be what he is now.

Seol Won Rang – is the 9th Captain of Bodyguard of Hwa Rang & Mi Chil’s lover

Seol Won Rang asked Mi Chil what she is going to do to rectify the situation. Mi Shil said there is no need to them to worry & asked her lover to sit down & tells that if he doesn’t killed Silla evil tempests, it goes without difficulty. Seol Won is not keen to hear Mi Shil making jokes about it. Mi Shil jokes what can she going to do about it. Seol Won Rang is grateful to Mi Shil of all she has render in helping him for the past 4 years, no matter whether the fate of him or the fate of Silla. Mi Shil is wondering why Eul Jae had not entered the palace. The High Priest Moon Noh is still praying in the mountain. This is heaven sent opportunity for her that she can’t miss. Mi Shil asked Seol Won Rang to prepare. Meanwhile Moon Noh is on the mountain, reading the star, he can foreseen what is to come

Moon Noh is the Celestial High priest of Silla, which is part of the Hwa Rang’s Ecclesiastical division. In accordance to the comparison of the French version of The Maison du Roi (Royal Household of the King) was the name of the military maison du Roi (the military division – Seol Won Rang is head), domestic (the civil division) and religious (Ecclesiastical division – Moon Noh is head) entourage. The exact composition and duties of its various divisions changed constantly over the Early Modern period. Officers of the “Maison du Roi” were directly responsible to the “Grand maître de France” (Chief Steward in which is Mil Shil). In this picture you may finds how to place the character perspective. I am sorry; this is the closer proximity & similarity to explain after being a fan of Alexander Dumas’s novels in my childhood. I hope it will justified as I will be using this a lot of it as a model to explain how the household of Silla runs & operated

Seol Won Rang gathers his battle ready equip division in preparation for assault. Baek Jeong is shock that his grandfather was to give him his throne as King Jinheung asked whether he will able to carry this through. Baek Jeong said how he able to can, but King Jinheung tell his grandson he must & he will do it. Baek Jeong fear that once King Jinheung is no longer around, how will able to pull this through. King Jinheung asked his grandson to come closer as King Jinheung gives the small dagger that he treasure & carries with him at all times to his Grandson & asked him to keep this well with him. King Jinheung said that this dagger saved his life. Baek Jeong can’t understand why his grandfather will give his favourite dagger to him. King Jinheung said that Baek Jeong needs to protect himself as well as the nation Silla. Baek Jeong said he can’t do it. King Jinheung asked his Grandson that he must rescue Silla from being delivered. King Jinheung coughing profusely as Baek Jeong asked how his grandfather is feeling

Seol Won Rang marches to the chamber with his guards & cut down anyone who is their way as they make their way into the palace. Meanwhile King Jinheung is breathless as Baek Jeong can only call his grandfather anxiously. King Jinheung gather some strength & tell his grandson that thinking of Silla present environment, he feel nervous & frightened with cold sweat due to general debility. Baek Jeong said isn’t Silla now great as it has than before. King Jin Heung tries to say more but find himself fighting for breaths, Baek Jeong want to call for help but is stop by King Jinheung, King Jinheung wants his grandson to fulfill his dreams that he can’t achieve in his life time & asked whether his grandson will do it on his behalf. By this time King Jinheung vomiting blood as Baek Jeong goes to seek help. King Jinheung unfulfilled wish is that Silla must unite the three Korean Kingdom into one Silla empire. This is the only escape route for the survival of Silla to exist for ages

This dream will only be fulfilled that only came in Unified Silla (668 – 935 ) or Later Silla is the name often applied to the kingdom of Silla, When Silla conquered Baekje in 660 and Goguryeo in 668. In 660, conquering Baekje unified the southern portion of the Korean peninsula and in 668 Goguryeo was conquered.

Moon Noh’s torch extinguished. It is an omen that King Jinheung has expired. Seol Won Rang goes on the coup d’état of the palace as they killed those who resist their way. Mil Shil comes in as the lead usurper as Seol Won Jeong had secures the palace with his own guards. Mil Shil comes carry the medicinal tonic. Baek Jeong sees her & runs to his grandfather’s chamber. Mi Shil carries the tonic as she passes dead corpses killed in the siege, comes to King Jinheung who look like he is resting on his throne. Mi Shil calls King Jinheung to drink his medicine, but he does answer. Mi Shil approaches him then tries to wake him but he drop cold. Mi Shil goes to check his vitals by checking his pulse. (A little modern to check the pulse behind the ears) Then the warmth in his body. Mi Shil said to the dead King Jinheung that she will forever remember his gratitude towards her as she pours away the tonic on the pot bonsai plant but witness by Baek Jeong who is hiding behind throne. Mi Shil subordinate came but finds that the King Jinheung is already dead. Mi Shil had said to her underlings that the King Jinheung had told her that the person who attain the heart of its people who able to have the throne & this will able to rule as the present ruler. Then Mi Shil tells the dead King Jinheung that the people are all her people present before him, not his but hers. Mi Shil declares now this is Mi Shil’s era to rule for all ages & she declares that she in invincible that no adversary that can opposed her

The spirit of King Jinheung comes to Moon Noh & tells him before the Big Dipper change to have 8 stars, Mi Shil is an adversary without opponents, she will be invincible. When the star that able to curb Mi Shil is born, the day that the big dipper will have 8 stars

Meanwhile Mi Shil leaves victorious. Baek Jeong who witnesses this throughout grips the dagger his grandfather gave him. I assume that the dagger will hold a strong symbolic significant later. Prince Geum Ryun finds that his father had passed away. Mi Shil comes to Prince Geum Ryun with a decree of the former King; she tells that the throne was not his to succeed but his nephew, the son of the late Crown Prince Dong Ryun eldest son Baek Jeong to succeed. Prince Geum Ryun is upset that his father by pass him to give to his nephew. Mil Shil assures him that the decree can be changed. This is because the decree was written in her handwriting; in return she barter to be his Queen. Mi Shil asked will he able to do so. Mil Chil seduce Prince Geum Ryun, witness by Mi Saeng & laugh about it

Mi Saeng is the younger brother of Mi Shil, the 10th Head of Ba Ram Ju (don’t know what division it is that he heads) Moon Noh rides on his horse. Then the demonstration of Hwa Rang for the coronation of Prince Geum Ryun who is now install as King Jinji. Mi Shil is sitting next to him, assuming she is now Queen. Then there is Seo Ri, the keeper of the ceremonies overseeing the coronation as she explains the itinerary. It seems that Silla had 6 aristocrats’ clans. Baek Jeong is also present as he now fears Mi Shil. After that a cauldron is open as Seo Ri calls for their founder Park Hyeokgeose Geosagan, then a glowing egg emerges & float up in the air in suspense then raise on its rightful place as King Jinji goes to touches the egg as the sign of his right to be King as the egg is carry before him. As King Jinji holds the egg it glows & he picks up to raise it high for his subject to see. Everybody cheers long-lived for the new King

Park Hyeokgeose Geosagan is the founding monarch of Silla. He is the progenitor of all Park clans in Korea, the 3rd largest group of Korean surname after Kim & Lee. The founding legend The Samguk Sagi (The History of the Three Korean Kingdom) & Samguk Yusa (Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms) describes the founding of Silla by Hyeokgeose. Refugees of Gojoseon lived in the valleys of present-day Gyeongsang-do, South Korea, in six villages called Yangsan, Goheo, Jinji, Daesu, Gari & Goya. In 69 BCE, the heads of the six chiefdoms gathered to discuss forming a kingdom and selecting a king. In the forest, at a well called Najeong at Yangsan, a strange light shone from the sky, and a white horse was bowed down. Chief Sobeolgong of the Goheo village discovered a large egg there. A boy came out of the egg, and when bathed, his body radiated light and birds and beasts danced. Sobeolgong raised him, and the six chieftains revered him. The chieftains made him king (Geosagan) when he became 13 years old. The nation was named Seonabeol also Seorabeol, Seobeol, Sara, or Saro). Upon becoming king, he married Lady Aryeong, who is said to have been born from the ribs of a dragon

Moon Noh comes back a little too late while Seol Won Rang looks at a very please Mi Shil. Moon Noh recalls the spirit of King Jinheung foresight the day when the Big Dipper will have 8 stars before then Mi Shil is invincible. Moon Noh had to acknowledge now it is Mi Shil’s era. Moon Noh meets Eul Jae & Baek Jeong as Baek Jeong trying to persuade Eul Jae to take him away as he is send to Tang Dynasty & Baek Jeong can’t come along, but Baek Jeong doesn’t want to hear any of it

Eul Jae – Minister of Silla, later Queen Seon Deok benefactor & protector

Baek Jeong expresses fear in his Uncle King Jinji & Mi Shil. Eul Jae asked that the Prince must not be like this, his place is at the palace where he belongs & don’t worry as he assures Baek Jeong he will return. Eul Jae leaves for his mission to China. Then As Moon Noh looks up to the night sky for the Big Dipper, one of the star of the 7 stars of the big dipper light up as transporter Moon Noh to a time frame where King Jinheung come to him on horse back. King Jinheung asked him what he is looking at, he should be looking at the Big Dipper then he sees the star split to 2 & comes like a phoenix to a palanquin. Moon Noh wakes up from his dream. It already been 4 years that King Jinheung words still playing on his mind that the star who can curb Mi Shil is the 8th star on the Big Dipper.

Moon Noh gives a performance of a sword then Seol Won Rang comes to him & asking for his answer. Moon Noh said he will not do anything as what Seol Won Rang had proposed to him. Mi Shil is about to abandon by King Jinji, she is carry her child who is a daughter with King Jinji. King Jinji gave the excuse that today is Nang Chon Chae. Mi Shil asked for his promise to make her Queen but she gave no heir while the other concubine had a son. King Jinji said that her installation of being a Queen was not support by the Ministers. Mi Shil said that King Jinji is absolute ruler he should make decision. She had already deceived everybody in regards to King Jinheung’s will of ascension & brought the throne to Kin Jinji

Nang Chon Chae is a Hwa Rang festival

Then a retainer comes to announce that the festivity had started. King Jinji goes for the festivity. King Jinji reminds her that tonight not to bring up the matter regarding with King Jinheung’s will again. Mi Shil feels insulted on her treatment by King Jinji. Mi Shil leaves her baby at the throne room the looks at the throne. Her child cries as Mi Shil just left. Meanwhile Baek Jeong finds that his wife, Maya is pregnant. Maya claims that she had dream that one of the star of the Big Dipper enter her womb. She thinks it is a good omen. Baek Jeong now wear King Jinheung’s dagger on his neck but takes it out to give his wife for protection & safe pregnancy

Baek Jeong – King Jinpyeong, Queen Seon Deok’s father

Maya – Baek Jeong’s wife, surname Kim

Maya knows that the dagger is given by the former King Jinheung to him. Baek Jeong said that King Jinheung will protect her if she wears the dagger. Baek Jeong wears it on her & tells her that the dagger will protect her & their off spring. Maya affirm that it will. Then a court lady Jo Hwa comes in but clumsy & trip on the floor

Jo Hwa – court lady who has been with Baek Jeong since they were young.

Maya asked to be careful with herself. She collects herself up & asked Baek Jeong why he doesn’t want to come out to see the Nang Chon Chae festivities. Maya nearly forgot about the festival as Jo Hwa hurries them to come out to look, so she could have box seat to view if they come. Maya wants to go to the temple first, so asked Jo Hwa to prepare for the trip. Jo Hwa was slightly disappointed & reluctantly goes to prepare the trip. Maya asked him to go for the Nang Chon Chae although he is not keen. Maya suggested while she goes to the temple to pray & give thanked that she will joined him at the festivities. Moon Noh sees Baek Jeong in his way to the festivities.

Maya finds the temple locked. Jo Hwa finds something a miss as she sneak around the temple when she saw the cadet at Hwa Rang is applying makeup at the temple. Maya is shocked. Seol Won Rang is oversees them. Jo Hwa takes Maya to take a peek that she was saying the truth. Maya is shocked. Seol Won Rang notice shadow at the door. Maya walks out shell shocked on what she just saw. She knows that this is “Nang Jang Kyeol Yui” virtual & the meaning behind it. They make up so there will leave with a beautiful face as they mission is death for them & will never return alive. Maya fears that their focus in Nag Chon Chae. Maya runs to inform as Seol Won Rang looks at them in a distance with Seo Ri

Nang Jang Kyeol Yui is a virtual where the Hwa Rang cadet uses makes up means they are on a suicide mission

Seo Ri asked how Maya is going to be dealt with. Seo Won Rang said that he soon will end this for them. The events of Nang Chon Chae starts. King Jinji & Baek Jeong are looking at the performances. They find that their wives are missing from their seats. Moon Noh views from a distance at the performances. Moon Noh asked whether he met King Jinheung was just a dream or a vision that the 8th star is close at hand & why he feel anxious. Then Maya received news that her mother has taken ill suddenly. Maya asked where the sender of the letter from her family is as she goes to meet him while she sends Jo Hwa to inform Baek Jeong about the matter at the temple. Moon Noh finds it strange as she is follow by Seol Won Rang. Guard leading Maya to the gate. Moon Noh out of curiousity follow her. Meanwhile Nang Chon Chae more performances. Baek Jeong is now worried about his wife as she taking her time too long to come. He then sees Jo Hwa coming. King Jinji goes to do his ceremonial duties while Baek Jeong sneaks away to find out from Jo Hwa. Then while at the ceremonial duties, the Hwa Rang cadet tells King Jinji that he not eligible to be King of Silla. Mi Shil appears with her guards as she sieges another coup d’etat & asked King Jinji to abdicate. As usual Baek Jeong is always behind the seat is shock that Mi Shil had done another coup.

Maya is lead to the North gate & was kidnap & hold at knife point in the palanquin. Moon Noh managed to see the palanquin run off in haste. Then he notices the phoenix on Maya clothes that was trap between the doors as to his vision. Moon Noh pursue the palanquin. Meanwhile King Jinji thinks it is ridiculous for him to abdicate. King Jinji asked for Mi Shil’s arrest as his palace goes after Mi Shil’s Hwa Rang guards in confrontation. All the Hwa Rang are on a suicide mission of death of point of no return, all of them commit suicide right in front of King Jinji as an act of defiance. Mi Shil mentioned that they on the Nang Jang Kyeol Yui mission that no one will able to stop them from fulfilling their mission. A Minister Ku Ri Bu asked King Jinji to abdicate for the common good of his people. The Se Jong read the crime of King Jinji is that he deceive the people on the King Jinheung’s will rules with tyranny

Se Jong is Mi Shil’s husband

Mi Shil reads the King Jinheung’s will & testimony before his death. The successor is not Prince Geum Ryun but Crown Prince Dong Ryun’s eldest son Baek Jeong, King Jinheung’s grandson. Minister drag out a shocked Baek Jeong out to the open & declares Baek Jeong as King of Silla then everybody bow to him as the new King

Still Mi Shil’s era

Bad omen to have twins in the royal household to indicate that there are no male heirs for Silla. King Jinpyeong sent Deok Man away but without 1st giving her King Jinheung’s dagger for protection. Jo Hwa raises Deok Man. King Jinpyeong playing cat & mouse game with Mi Shil to stay alive

............. End Episode. 1 ............